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Participating in this year’s exhibition is Asian skin expert Mosbeau, the innovative Japanese skincare company responsible for making many Asian women be at their most beautiful. The brand’s success has been attributed to its breakthrough ingredient Placental Protein - specifically its unique, Japan-made, and scientifically-proven safe and effective Horse Placental Protein and Japan-patented Marine Placental Protein, as well as its premium Fish Collagen.

Consistently satisfying its millions of customers worldwide and proving that Placental Protein, developed through Japan technology is a potent whitening ingredient and better than other whitening ingredients in the market, it has enjoyed a growing market share in Asia and as far as US, Middle East, and Europe with its Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Supplement and other range of skincare products.

The Horse Placental Protein is a limited and highly valuable ingredient extracted from the placenta of only 25% of Japan’s thoroughbred. It has been proven to inhibit up to 63% of the melanin-producing tyrosinase compared to glutathione’s 32% making it twice more effective. It also has 300 more amino acids compared to other placental extracts, which makes it an active skin beautifier and health booster.

Its Japan-patented Marine Placental Protein from fresh salmon eggs on the other hand is certified as a powerful and safe skin-whitening and anti-aging ingredient that bears the seal of approval of Japan’s strictest standards in skincare.

Mosbeau also uses low molecular Fish Collagen as an anti-aging ingredient in its collagen line of products, proven effective to boost and maintain skin’s firmness, elasticity and glow. Its Mosbeau Placenta Collagen is a premium anti-aging product in jelly form that also has potent whitening ingredients as it synergizes the powers of Placental Protein, Fish Collagen, and L-cystine.

Know more about these skincare wonders by visiting Mosbeau’s booth (B20) at the Cosmobeauté exhibition in SECC from April 9-11, 2015 and experience the beauty of their products and business.

Mosbeau is inviting all interested global and local distributors to partner with them in further spreading their effective skincare innovations that are beyond expectations.

Source from Mosbeau Corporation, Philippines

Powered by Lavo Corporation, Cosmobeauté Vietnam International Hair Styling Show will take the stage during the 3-days exhibition showcasing a series of latest hairstyles representing the uniqueness of each hair stylist’s origin country.

A line-up of 5 well-experienced hair gurus from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore will be crossing over with a hair stylist from Vietnam on stage to unleash their special skills on hair cutting and upstyling.

This event will definitely be inspiring to individuals in the hair industry within Mekong Delta region as it will be a cross-over among cultural and hair techniques on stage!

Stay tuned with us for the announcement of confirmed hair stylists who will be performing on stage!

Mark your date from 9 – 11 April 2015 for the 8th edition of Cosmobeauté Vietnam!

Being the biggest beauty trade exhibition in the IndoChina region, Cosmobeauté Vietnam returns for its 8th edition of exhibition for cosmetics, beauty, hair and spa from 9 – 11 April 2015!


Cosmobeauté Vietnam once again will bring in brands, products, technologies and services from around the world to explore business opportunities and in search of Vietnam importers, distributors and professionals in the beauty industry who are trade visitors of the exhibition.


Live demonstrations and new product launches, informative talks and technical seminars, exciting stage programs will be the highlighted during the exhibition to share new ideas and knowledge of the industry in order to advocate growth in Vietnam’s beauty market.


To top the highlight of the stage program next year, Cosmobeauté Vietnam International Hair Styling Show powered by Lavo Corporation will be held during the exhibition showcasing a line-up of experienced hair gurus from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and of course Vietnam itself on stage presenting the latest trend of hair scene in their own countries.


In prior to the exhibition in April, Cosmobeauté Vietnam will first bring the sneak peak of exhibitors’highlight to beauty industry player from Vietnam in March 2015. This is mainly to attract the visitors in these areas to experience the first-hand preview of the exhibition itself.


Watch out for more updates about the exciting road shows and programs for Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2015!

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