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One month countdown to Cosmobeauté Vietnam, a press conference was being held in Ho Chi Minh City on 11 March 2016 at Liberty Riverside Hotel. The overwhelming respond from the media has proven Cosmobeauté Vietnam as an essential event for the Vietnam beauty industry. Through the press conference, large media coverage and awareness has been generated within the Vietnam beauty community.  

The founder of Cosmobeauté, Mr CP Saw presented the updates and highlights of Cosmobeauté Vietnam. Also, he highlighted the strong presence of international exhibitions this year from 15 countries and wide variety of beauty product categories that will be displayed at the exhibition. He introduced the One2One Business Meetings Program that helps local buyers to connect with international exhibitors and source for products more effectively. Cosmobeauté Vietnam will be the medium for local entrepreneurs in search for business opportunities and international networking.

At the media interview session, the press interacted actively with Mr CP Saw and Mr Vinh Nguyen, the co-organiser of Cosmobeauté Vietnam. Mr CP Saw expressed his delighted expectation to be in the Vietnam beauty industry which has been seen to have huge unexplored opportunities, especially in aesthetics technology and beauty & spa.

The exhibitors also displayed their products at the press conference as a sneak peek preview of a wide variety of beauty products and brands that will be available at the actual exhibition.

After the engaging press meeting, the media and professionals in the beauty industry in Vietnam will have a clearer picture of what to expect at the 9th Cosmobeauté Vietnam exhibition. Registration is now open to all beauty professionals and entrepreneurs.

In recent years, The Korean wave, or K-Wave has taken over the world by storm! On YouTube, the most popular Korean music video, “Gangnam Style” by Psy has reached over 2.5 Billion views worldwide making it the most watched YouTube video of all time as of today. The shift towards the popularity of celebrities from Korea has become so massive, it has inspired numerous brands and companies from Korea to become successful in their take on international markets, and effectively triggering the increase of demands towards beauty products worldwide.

The increasing demand towards beauty products especially in men’s products does not only involve western countries. Vietnam for example is experiencing a massive increase in both men’s and women’s beauty product in recent years, and this trend is predicted to continue as Vietnam’s economy grows rapidly.

In 2014, the sales of beauty and personal care products in Vietnam experienced a 14.4% increase in sales compared to the previous year (source: Euromonitor). This increase in demand is largely due to the media, especially through social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Zing and others. As the country with the most Internet users in Southeast Asia, the spread of new trends and fashion via the social networking sites is the key factor in maintaining the expansion of the country’s beauty market.

Another key factor for the rise of demands in beauty products is the K-Wave. Korean beauty products, also known as K-Beauty, has benefitted the most from the globalization of the K-Wave. The K-Wave has received tremendous reception in Vietnam with numerous Korean artists and celebrities making their appearance in Vietnam through TV shows and concerts.

Hence, we can conclude that the Korean beauty products present a massive prospect in Vietnam’s beauty market. As the demands for Korean products from Vietnam’s consumers are soaring higher each year, this opens up a huge opportunity for investors, importers, retailers, distributors and other beauty product traders in Vietnam to fulfill the market demands by bringing in the best Korean products.

This April in the coming edition of Cosmobeauté Vietnam, the Korea Pavilion is the ultimate chance for all traders in the beauty industry to meet with more than 50 exhibitors at the Korea Pavilion. At the Korea Pavilion, visitors are introduced to various popular Korean brands, so that they can grab the opportunity to network and become the official distributors of the products!

Take a closer look at various Korean products that will be showcased at the pavilion from categories such as aesthetics, anti-aging, beauty equipment, cosmetics, embroidery, fragrance, hair care, health, nail care, oral hygiene, packaging, piercing, skin care, supplements and many more!

With extensive research and development towards beauty products especially skincare and aesthetics, paired with advanced technology and enthusiasm towards producing top quality products, the Korean pavilion is definitely one of the top reasons why all traders from Vietnam’s beauty industry must visit Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2016! If you are a manager, director, owner or decision maker of trading, distributing or retailing companies, don't let this chance slip away!

List of Companies in the Korea Pavilion:

Singapore, One of The Most Advanced Economies in Southeast Asia

Singapore is without a doubt, is one of the most advanced country in the Southeast Asian region, in terms of technological advancement and economy. Boasting the third spot in the world’s per-capita GDP, Singapore is a country that opens wide its doors to foreign investors. With a massive amount of foreign investors, the latest technologies are also brought into the country, thus transforming Singapore into a highly advanced manufacturing country in various sectors such as electrical & electronics, chemicals, engineering, medical, packaging and also, beauty and aesthetics equipment.

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

The rise of Singapore’s manufacturing community is supported by Singapore Manufacturing Federation, which represents the business interests of the Singapore manufacturing sector. The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers' Association, was first established in 1932. Its main aim is to champion the Singapore manufacturing sector, driving its competitiveness and sustainable growth through serving industry-specific needs.


“SMF is proud to lead the Singapore Pavilion in Cosmobeauté Vietnam with the support from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. We welcome you to the Singapore Pavilion from 21 – 23 April 2016 to gain a better understanding of Singapore’s beauty industry and build strong networks with our participating companies, who keenly look forward to meeting quality buyers such as yourself.”

Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary-General of SMF


Aesthetics And Modern Technology Equipment & Skin Care

The Singapore Pavilion brings us various beauty products from Categories such as anti-aging, aesthetics, beauty equipment, hair care, nail care, skin care and much more.

However, among these product categories, some of the most interesting prospects are the aesthetics, health care and modern beauty equipment. Quite a number of exhibitors from the Singapore Pavilion specialize in these categories such as Yena Aesthetical, Aesthetics Marketing, MF3 Anti Aging & Wellness Centre, Indiba Asia, and TS & I. The latest technologies that will be showcased by these exhibitors will definitely attract interest from health & wellness centres, doctors and various professionals from the aesthetics industry.

Besides that, almost all exhibitors from Singapore also specialize in various kinds of skin care products, including natural & organic ingredients products.


Check Out The Singapore Pavilion at Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2016!

With than 15 exhibitors, the Singapore pavilion will feature various products showcasing Singapore’s technological advancements! Visit the Singapore Pavilion at Cosmobeauté Vietnam from 21-23 April 2016!

List of Exhibitors in Singapore Pavilion:


And More!

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