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When life is in equilibrium, you experience improved health, better energy and most important of all, glowing and shiny hair. Based on the principle that nature sustains life and the 5 elements in nature maintain a positive balance in our body, Nubea has created an array of natural formulas for re-establishing the right skin balance acting precisely and delicately on the main anomalies of hair and scalp.

Nubea’s natural and chemical free essential oil therapies are capable of restoring the health our crowning glory, that is to make resplendent and silky possible for every women.

The synergy of essential oils and plant extracts boost its soothing properties, replenishing action which will leave hair silky and shiny. It nourishes even the driest and damaged hair deep down and restores it natural beauty.

Here are some of the benefits that plant extracts have on hair :-

• Rosemary – provides moisture to the hair shaft, conditions and nourishes the hair cuticles, whilst adding volume and shine. 
• Lavender – contains calming and soothing effect and regulates sebaceous secretions
• Tea tree oil – has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions
• Sage – a stimulant that reduces hair loss
• Eucalyptus – helps to straighten hair follicles, calming an itchy and inflamed scalp, can help ward infection, keep residue from building and prevents clogging pores on the head.

Nubea researchers have created guidelines for appropriate formulas which were supported by reliable scientific studies that do not jeopardise the delicate balance of hair and scalp.

Nubea hair treatment products are formulated to achieve detoxification and stimulation necessary for healthy hair growth.

Here are the seven ranges of Nubea hair products. They are Essentia, Sursum, Solutia, Equisebo, Auxilia, Synergo and Solenium.


Essentia (Detoxifying Treatment)

Consist of shampoo, pure extract, pre-shampoo detoxifying treatment vial and post-shampoo detoxifying treatment vial. It contains essential oils such as scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris), sage (Salvia Officinalis) and rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis).

Sursum (Anti-hairloss Treatment)

The rare extract of Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) is one of the main agents that prevent progressive hairloss. The formula also includes essential oils based on Lemon (Citrus Limonum), Bergamot Orange (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia) and Vitamin A and E. The vitamins help with vitality of hair and visibly maintain growth as prerogative. This treatment comes in treatment vial, shampoo, daily lotion and patch for localized and topical application.

Solutia (Anti-dandruff Treatment)

This treatment is formulated to prevent both greasy & dry dandruff formation, calm itching, sooth the scalp and leave the hair soft and moisturized. It contains Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) (antifungal), Chamomile Eugenia (Chamomilla Inacutita) (calming) and Rosemary (Rosmarinum Officinalis) (toning) Essential Oils. The treatment consists of a purifying extract, a purifying emulsion, and an anti-dandruff treatment vial, daily lotion and shampoo for dry dandruff or greasy dandruff.

Equisebo (Anti-Sebum Treatment)

This treatment regulates the production and secretion of sebum, purifies the scalp and restores volume and lightness to the hair. It contains essential oils and trace elements such as Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) (stimulating), Cloves (Eugenia Caryophyllata) (antisepting) and Sage (Salvia Officinalis) (anti-inflammatory). The product ranges in this treatment include treatment vial, shampoo and daily lotion.

Auxilia (Sensitive Scalp Treatment)

The shampoo, treatment vial and daily lotion for this hair treatment ensures skin relaxation, gives a pleasant feeling of well-being and helps to restore the hydro-lipid film for sensitive scalp. The active ingredients include Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) (anti-inflammatory), Mint (Menta Arvensis) (healing) and Aloe Vera (regenerating).

Synergo (Maintenance and Balance)

This range of products is formulated to maintain the state of good health after a specific course of treatment. This is essential to avoid hair problem from recurring. The synergic differential treatment includes active ingredients such as Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) (anti-inflammatory), Common Lime (Tilia Vulgaris) (calming) and Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) (decongestant). It consists of shampoo and hair mask.

Solenium (Suncare Treatment)

With selenium products, containing precious Essential Oils, plant extracts, trace elements and vitamins, you can continue to enjoy healthy, protected scalp and hair even under the sun. The range of products include after-sun nourishing shampoo, revitalizing hair/body shower gel with anti-salt and anti-chlorine action, after-sun nourishing hair mask and protective spray-on to protect hair from the harmful effect of the sun, and to protect hair color as well as giving hair softness and shine without weighing it down.

About Luscious Solution Sdn Bhd

Luscious Solution Sdn Bhd is part of the Cheerful Marketing Group. Cheerful Marketing was established in 1983 as a trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia began in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Today, Cheerful Marketing has a partnership of more than 300 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. The group has established successful markets for Swiss line, Carole Franck, Dr. Rimpler, Isabelle Lancray and Naturys beauty products in Malaysia. 

So, do you want to look younger and defy the onset of yet another year? Certainly! We all do. Whatever your age, when it comes to maintaining youthful and glowing complexion, here is a high tech treatment where it is dermatologically proven to give you long lasting amazingly beautiful skin.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is also known as a photo facial treatment that delivers broadband light through the skin for skin rejuvenation. IPL promotes collagen production which can make skin more elastic and smooth.

IPL delivers high intensity pulses of broadband light to the dermis without causing any damage to the epidermis. Its treatment decreases facial redness, lessens pigmentation, reduces pore size and improves skin texture which ultimately restores youthful looking skin. The spectacular machine is ideal for sun-damaged skin, freckles, solar keratosis (precancerous sun spots) and rosacea as well as general facial rejuvenation.

It is also your answer to unwanted hair. The good news is, it is a far more effective hair removal offering which is entirely safe and its procedure poses no risk to the user at all.

IPL has multiple wavelengths that scatter within the skin and it works by emitting a wavelength into the skin which is the hair removal targets pigment. The light is then absorbed by the pigment and its high energy destroys follicles and the hair shaft, preventing regrowth of new hair. This product’s dual usage helps save time and achieves desired results at a much faster pace with great effectiveness.

If you are worried about losing youthful looks, the IPL is the best way to knock off years from your face without destroying your bank account. Do find out more about our product. You can be rest assured that satisfaction is guaranteed!!

When it comes to a woman’s search for long lasting beauty, there are all kinds of rejuvenating secrets in the market. But Microcell Synergy Treatment (MST) seems to be the solution in retaining glowing skin inside out.   

Microcell Synergy Treatment offers unrivalled skincare solutions and its 21st century magical formula which originates from the United States (US) is synonymous to perfection in skincare technology.  

Its formulation maintains skin vitality and youthfulness with the finest ingredients of the highest quality from all over the world.

It is an innovative method of using micro needles with high-speed penetration technology to position, layer and quantitatively deliver natural active ingredients to the inner cell membrane. The micro needle is injected directly into the skin which enables rapid and effective regeneration. This treatment works superbly well in the dermal layer and able to cure various skin disorders.

The micro needle remarkably revolutionises the changing trend of skincare in South East Asia. It is a safe and painless procedure which leaves absolutely no scar. Its absorption rate is unmatched. Within a short time, your skin is visibly transformed.

MST was launched in July 2014 at one of the most prestigious exhibitors in Malaysia. The event brought massive positive response to the brand.

It is never too late to walk through a crowd and get noticed by your appearance with skin that exudes radiance and glow. Come and find out more about the micro needle.

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