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MAWSPA will be organizing a wide variety of activities on 7th July 2015 in conjunction with Cosmobeauté Asia 2015.

The event will be attended by a number of professionals from the spa and wellness industry, and also by representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC).


Don't miss out the first ever Spa Attire Fashion Show in Malaysia!

All attendees will be greeted by a welcoming speech from the representative of MOTAC, and from the President of MAWSPA, Dr. Baskaran Kosthi. It is then followed by the first ever Spa Attire Fashion Show in Malaysia, which will showcase various designs of the attires for spa therapists and clients. The show is expected to attract many spectators from the spa industry, and is hoped to inspire many spa owners or managers into a wide variety of attire designs.

While the fashion show is going to be a free admission program, with an extra RM120 (including dinner/ buka puasa) per pax fee, participants are able to join the “Successful Spa Operation Seminar”. The seminar will discuss in detail about the spa industry. Among the topics are:

• Understanding The Industry
• Etiquette and Presentation
• Team, Communication and Confidence
• Polishing the Service: The Journey, The observation, Consultation, the Whole Treatment & Professional Home-Care and Advice
• Psychology of Selling

Towards the end of the event, all participants are invited to join the Buka Puasa Dinner, for the fee of RM80 per pax. Participants of the Successful Spa Operation Seminar are able to join the Buka Puasa Dinner for free.


The full schedule of the event will be as follows:


0900-1000     Registration                                                                          

1000-1015     Welcome Speech by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC)       

1015-1020     Opening Address by President of MAWSPA         

1020-1040     Spa Attire Fashion Show (Free Admission)          

1050-1200     Visit Spa & Wellness Exhibit Zone, MAWSPA Fund Raising Campaign & Display Area           

1200-1730     Successful Spa Operation Seminar (RM120 per pax)

1730-1830     MAWSPA EGM (MAWSPA Members Only)                        

1830-1930     Buka Puasa Dinner *RM 80 per pax / inclusive for spa seminar participants

International brands are seeking for potential partners like YOU!



In order to lead to more purposeful connections before and during the show, Cosmobeauté Asia 2015 is urging visitors to take part in the One 2 One Business Matchmaking Program.


The One 2 One Business Matchmaking Program is a key component of the trade program and is designed to provide exhibitors, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, trade visitors, delegates and high-level sponsors the opportunity to meet and engage on a on-on-one basis.

The pre-show platform provides access to the profiles of businesses from 13 countries such as:

Cosmobeauté Asia 2015 will feature various types of beauty products and services such as:

• Beauty Equipment
• Personal Care
• Cosmetics
• Skin Care
• Hair Care
• Nail Care



Through our One 2 One Business Matchmaking Program, you may choose only the type of products that you are interested in, and you will only be matched with the company that fits your requirements.

If you are interested to know more details, you may contact Mr. Fabian at +603 8023 0820 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


You may proceed to One 2 One Business Matchmaking registration here!

Association Japonais Esthetique (AJESTHE) will be introducing the Yu-Zen Therapy to Malaysia!


AJESTHE is an organization for professional aestheticians in Japan. Since its establishment in 1972, it has lead the Japanese aesthetic industry, supporting more than ninety thousand professional estheticians currently active under its wings. The association was established to improve the qualities of its members through training and research to develop technology and knowledge regarding aesthetic, and to contribute to the development of the aesthetic industry in Japan.


What is Yu-Zen Esthetic Therapy?

The Yu-Zen Esthetic Therapy features unique Japanese techniques while being therapist-friendly at the same time. There are 6 key concepts to the treatment to be focused on. The first being “Deepness” which means a deep sense of compassion to open the mind and body. “Heartful” expresses mindful hospitality. “Flow” represents on-going life activity. “Gallantness” is to remain self-possessed. “Sense” expresses sensitive receptivity. And “Harmony” means balance.


Yu-Zen Aesthetic Therapy is a technique that focuses on both, the massage technique and also the method of training and maintaining the body, which is the most important tool for any therapist. A healthy and trained body of the therapist will ensure a comfortable treatment for the client. Another important aspect of the technique is the development of the therapist’s ability to sense client’s mental and physical needs thus inducing a high level of comfort and relaxation.


Yu-Zen Making its Debut in Malaysia Through Cosmobeauté Asia

“Cosmobeauté Asia has more than 10 years experiences in Southeast Asia organizing beauty trade exhibition, we believe this is the right learning platform to introduce the uniqueness of Yu-Zen Aesthetic Therapy to beauty and spa industry members here,” said Mr. Kenichi Kume, Chairman of AJESTHE.



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