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The Malaysian Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) will be hosting a series of events in Cosmobeauté Asia this year, and invites all spa operators, therapists, and aspiring spa entrepreneurs to join in on the various networking & learning opportunities this July at Putra World Trade Centre. Here’s a preview of this year’s activities:

9 July (Monday): Dialogue session with Government Agencies

With a new government in place post 9th May elections, it is crucial that the spa industry be able to communicate, and work together with the various stakeholders in the new government. MAWSPA has invited DBKL, the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Immigration Department, and the Ministry of Tourism to a dialogue session with members of the spa industry, to discuss on current and matters pertinent to the spa & wellness industry in Malaysia.


10 July (Tuesday): Learning Opportunities with Seminar Sessions

In line with the association’s goals of uplifting the spa & wellness industry standards, MAWSPA has invited several speakers to conduct several seminar sessions:

  • Spa Quality Management System
  • Spa Service Excellence
  • Spa Hospitality Course
  • Spa International Service Standards
  • The Ultimate Guide To Excellent Service Standards
  • The Essential Knowledge Of Spa Service Standards

12 July (Thursday): The Spa Fashion Show & Networking Session

Your spa’s uniforms are more than just clothes; they represent your brand, and in some cases, even be part of the entire spa’s experience itself! The Spa Fashion Show is now back in Cosmobeauté Asia this year, and you’re invited to get some ideas from our Level 4 stage this 12 July, 2PM – 4PM!

Unity Through Massage: Urutan Malaysia

Urutan Malaysia, which was launched in October 2017, is a new concept that combines various massage techniques indigenous for Malay, Chinese, Indian, and all the other ethnicities in Malaysia, into one unified concept. MAWSPA, the key driver behind the concept, will demonstrate this truly Malaysian massage this July!






For the past half-decade, the Cosmonail Cup has been the ultimate proving grounds for thousands of embroidery and eyelash artists across the globe to put their skills to test, with only the finest artists being able to lay claim to their titles before the judges.

INCA: The Gold Standard for Competitive Eyelash & Embroidery Contests

The International Nail & Lash Competition Association Group (INCA) is established in 7 countries in Asia, in which its country chapters set the standards for quality competitive nail contests. Judges in all INCA competitions are rigorously selected & trained before standing as a competition judge, therefore contestants are assured of a fair judging panel in every INCA competition.

Handle With Care: Cosmeticians Put Skills to Test Under Pressure

With a career responsible for thousands of faces, zero mistakes are tolerated. The Eyelash & Embroidery Competition is the platform for these technicians to demonstrate their artwork flawlessly while under pressure. To further narrow down the cream of the crop, new technical requirements, as well as contest categories are further introduced in this edition.

International Level of Competition Standards


The Eyelash & Embroidery Competition segment is jointly organised by Cosmobeauté and the International Nail Competition Association (INCA), ensuring that the competition is managed smoothly, and competition standards are applied without bias.

To encourage continuous skills growth in this industry segment, the competition introduces new categories & requirements every year, giving contestants a new challenge to overcome, as well as a sense of accomplishment through participating in this competition. This ever-increasing standards are not found in other beauty skills competitions elsewhere.

Professional Evaluation by International Experts

To ensure contestants are given a fair yet stringent evaluation, only the most experienced beauty experts are selected and trained by INCA to be an INCA competition judge. Nearly 30 judges from China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam will be forming the judging panel this year.

Undisputable Recognition of Skills

Winners of Cosmonail Cup don’t just walk away with a nice trophy; the winning certificate is a testimony to the winner’s capability of delivering quality eyelash & embroidery work entrusted by their clients, as well as the bragging rights of being ASEAN’s finest beauty technicians!

Here are this year’s Eyelash & Embroidery Competition categories:

  • INCA 1 to 1 Eyelash Extension (Mannequin Head) 1 对 1 睫毛延长术(模特头) (Student)
  • INCA 1 to 1 Eyelash Extension (Mannequin Head) 1 对 1 睫毛延长术(模特头) (Professional)
  • INCA 6D Eyelash Extension (Mannequin Head) 1 接 6 开花技巧(模特头) (Open)
  • INCA Speed Paper Eyelash (A4 Paper) 纸上竞速睫毛设计(A4图纸) (Open)
  • INCA Inbox 6D color EyeLash Design (Fake Eyelashes) INCA 静态 6D 彩绘睫毛设计(假睫毛) (Open)
  • INCA Creative Eyelash Mix Media (Fake Eyelashes) INCA 创意睫毛艺术设计 (假睫毛) (Open)
  • INCA Paper Illustration Mix Media (Fake Eyelashes) INCA纸图艺术设计(假睫毛)(Open)
  • INCA Eyebrow Embroidery (Face Modeling) 纹绣眉(立体脸谱) (Open)
  • INCA Eyeliner Embroidery (Face Modeling) 纹绣眼线(立体脸谱) (Open)
  • INCA Lip Embroidery (Face Modeling) 纹绣唇(立体脸谱)(Open)
  • INCA 3 in 1 (3D Face Modelling) 三合一 (立体脸谱)(Open)
  • INCA Single eyebrow Sketch (A4) paper 单眉素描(A4图纸)(Open)
  • INCA Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip (3 in 1) 眉眼唇块(三合一)(Open)

This year’s Cosmonail Cup Embroidery & Eyelash Competition will be held this 11 July, from 8AM till 7PM, at Level 4, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Registration is now open to aspiring technicians ready to lay claim to their winning titles! To participate, fill out the relevant forms and read the rules carefully.

Cosmonail Cup 2018 Eyelash & Embroidery Competition Registration Form Here. Registration closes on 15th June 2018.


For more information, please contact

Tel: +603 8082 6121

Whatsapp: +6012 359 9138 (Jasmine)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












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