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Beauty and aesthetic science is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Malaysia and is a key contributor to the national economy, as well as human capital development. The global beauty industry is estimated to be worth around US$350 billion, and in Malaysia, it is valued at over RM10 billion, yet the lack of an adequate set of regulations and certification puts consumers and practitioners at considerable risk which, in turn, could severely damage the reputation of the industry and adversely affect its long-term growth prospects and economic impact.

From left to right: Standards Malaysia officer, Dato Dr Ramamurthy (Vice President of AICA), Prof. Dr Ng Wee Kiong (President of AICA), Datuk Fadilah Baharin (Director General of Standards Malaysia), Dr Juliana Lim (CEO of IPEC Bureau), Dato' Azmel Bin Haji Maamor (Chairman of IPEC Bureau), Mr CP Saw (Founder of Cosmobeauté, Vice President of AICA), Standards Malaysia Officer

On 21 November 2016, the landmark transformation of beauty and aesthetic science initiated by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Association of International Certified Aesthetician (AICA), Standards Malaysia and IPEC Bureau, aim to usher in a new era of self-regulatory efficiency and certified competency. The signing ceremony was led by Datuk Fadilah Baharin - Director General of Standards Malaysia, Professor Dr Ng Wee Kiong - Chairman of AICA, and Dr Juliana Lim – Chief Executive Officer of IPEC Bureau, in the presence of YBhg. Dato Azmel Maamor, Chairman of IPEC Bureau.

This MoU would hopefully acts as a model to enable regulators to appropriately regulate the beauty and aesthetic science industry in future. This self-regulatory initiative through accreditation of certification bodies that certify industry practitioners through the ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Person is a commendable effort by industry players and practitioners as it addresses the quality and safety issues that often clouds the industry, and helps practitioners get certified for best practices and professional decorum.

“The accredited Scheme and certification provide an assurance of safety to the consumers, by endorsing industry best practices and quality treatments adopted by credible and capable Malaysian beauty practitioners. The certification scheme undertakes a globally accepted process of assessment, responsible oversight and periodic re‐assessments of the competence of certified persons”, said Datuk Fadilah.

From left to right: The Republic of India, Mr Chinnikrishnan Ashok Kumar; The Republic of Cambodia, Mr Chhay Sothea;  Shanghai An Bo Cosmetic Limited, Professor Dr Coco Alex Yeoh; President of AICA, Professor Dr Ng Wee Kiong; Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s Planning and Commercialisation Deputy Secretary-General, Mr Kua Abun; Senior Director of Standards Malaysia, Mr Ridzwan Kasim; CEO of IPEC Bureau, Dr Juliana Lim; The Republic of Singapore, Mr Alan Teo; and The Republic of Indonesia, Ms Marina Adia Indra.

However, 3 days later on 24 November 2016, witnessed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s Planning and Commercialisation Deputy Secretary-General Mr Kua Abun, Mr Ridzwan Kasim, the Senior Director of Standards Malaysia and Dr Juliana Lim, CEO of IPEC Bureau, AICA officially signed MoUs with Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia and Singapore to set in motion an environment driven by accredited certification activities and recognition in beauty and aesthetic science. The MoUs will now enable regulators to appropriately regulate their domestic beauty and aesthetic science industry and, through IPEC Bureau, certify industry practitioners based on ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Persons. This is a game-changing development that will empower practitioners and increase service excellence in line with global demands.

“AICA acts as an authoritative voice for its members and provides a solid platform to drive beauty and aesthetic science towards a harmonised environment. AICA will work closely with the representations from five nations and IPEC Bureau to advance the industry towards improved quality of service and practise, to ultimately gain the confidence of consumers,” said Professor Dr Ng.

Thanks to the collaboration between AICA and IPEC Bureau, practitioners can now get recognised for best practices and professional decorum which crucially allows greater talent mobility throughout the region. The MoU signing today also brings the Asia-Pacific region a step closer towards becoming a single certification bloc in key areas such as:

  • • Knowledge transfer
  • • Sharing of processes
  • • Human resources development
  • • Training and education
  • • Certification processes
  • • Standardisation and certification.

AICA is now open for new members. The Registration fee is US$25 and the annual fee of US$70 will be waived for the first year. This offer is valid until 31 December 2016 only. Call +603 2026 7733 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to become a member of AICA and enjoy unique opportunities such as getting connected to international experts, business expansion prospects and explore new strategic collaborations, among others.


Here are more photos of AICA MoU Signing Ceremony between 5 nations & AICA Gala Dinner!

Global Creative

Global Creative was established by The Association of Global Creative Hong Kong, in collaboration with Hong Kong Trend Horizon, Hong Kong United Beauty Press, China Hong Kong Global Creative Website and other institutions, also fully supported by the national and international media for this high-end beauty business.

 Since 2015, Global Creative has created the new model of ‘beauty + fashion art’ through a series of global competition, forums, conferences and integration to promote the beauty trend, film and art to the international level, while inviting fashion, beauty, art celebrities, experts as participants in the General Assembly, to build a dedicated international exchange platform.

International Invitational Beauty Elite Cup

We have specially invited the world’s top beauty industry players, well-known embroidery professionals and dozens of national and international media for continued coverage. We use the world’s first intelligent scoring system and inspector system to ensure fair and transparency. Our goal is to create a learning and exchanging platform to promote the embroidery industry to standardization and globalization!

Touching Beauty Awards Ceremony

"Little people, big future, tell your story" as the theme for Touching Beauty Awards, is committed to building grassroots heroes, to explore the positive vibes of embroidery industry and to enhance the industry image.




1.       Venue

Guangzhou Yihe Hotel

2.       Agenda

December 14th

Full day registration, free pre-competition training

December 15th
9: 00-12: 00

Opening Ceremony and "International Semi-permanent Industry Development Trend Forum"

14: 00-17: 00

International Invitational Beauty Elite Cup

19: 00-22: 00

"International Mosaic Technology" (international experts semi-permanent technical exchanges and practical demonstration)

December 16th
9: 00-14: 00

"Touching Beauty Awards presentation" and "Beauty Elite Cup" (red carpet ceremony)

3.       Competition details

Time                    : 15-16 December, 2016
Location               : Guangzhou Yihe Hotel
Sponsor               : Hong Kong Global Aroma

Nature International Moxa Education Group

Strategic support: 138 Beauty Talent Network, the National Federation of Cosmetics Industry, Human Resources, the Chamber of Commerce,

Professional media: 138 Beauty Media, Tencent, Love Fantastic Art, Tencent video, Music Watch, Phoenix, Tudou, PPS, Netease, Sohu, Sina Microblogging, Fun Network

4.       Awards

a. The Almighty Award, Champion, second runner-up & third runner-up: honorary certificate and trophy, the Ministry of Education Advanced Vestments Division qualification certificate
b. Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips Single Award, Champion, second runner-up & third runner-up: honorary certificate and trophy, the Ministry of Education Advanced Vestments Division qualification certificate
c. The Technology of Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal: honorary certificate and trophy, Ministry of Education Senior Certificate of qualification
d. A Beauty Award: Certificate of honor and trophies, the Ministry of Education Intermediate Wushu Division qualification certificate
5.       Qualification Certificate
a. Participants will be awarded qualification certificate approved by the Ministry of Education
b. The certificate can be used as a trainee practitioners and promotion of the basis, also as proof of application for vocational skills identification!
c. Students can obtain a certificate for free of charge for life to participate in Chinese vocational skills online learning platform for related professional courses!
6.       Participation Fee
a. Participants Fee: 1800 yuan / person (single or multiple of the same cost), excluding accommodation costs.
b. Judges Participating Costs: 5800 yuan / person, excluding room and board costs.
c. Presiding Judge Fee: 9800 yuan / person, excluding room and board costs.
d. Inspector General Participation Fee: 9800 yuan / person, excluding room and board costs.




0122991318 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As part of the kick start of Cosmobeauté’s involment in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), a collaboration with FORWARD (For Wisdom and Revolutionary Development) has been made in early May. Cosmobeauté is the bridge to connect skills trainer, product providers, and various support to the underserved individuals with the assistance of FORWARD. Cosmobeauté believes in the aid to encourage the disadvantaged to learn a skill and turn it into a profession, eventually becoming financially independent at the same time introducing the professions opportunities in beauty industry.

In the collaboration, Cosmobeauté provided the platform for FORWARD to showcase and sell various handmade crafts at the exhibition which were made by the underserved women. Moreover, Cosmobeauté became the bridge in linking FORWARD with Apex Cosmeceutical Industry Pte Ltd in their joint effort in providing training & job opportunities for the underserved in the aesthetics sector.

By giving out these kinds of support to the underserved, they will have a better chance to become successful in the beauty industry, which in turn will be very beneficial for the industry in attracting more people to become beauty entrepreneurs in the country. On the other hand, many other organizations are also moving into providing support for the underserved women. Read more about the topic the article below!

Training young hair professionals

L’Oreal Malaysia recently launched its first Beauty For A Better Life programme to provide disadvantaged young women with professional hairdressing and make-up training.

The programme, conducted by highly qualified beauty professionals with endorsement by the Education Ministry, was in partnership with the National Council of Women’s Organisation (NCWO) through its affiliate YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre, with the support of the L’Oreal Foundation.

The aim is to educate young women with no access to education towards a recognised hairdressing certification course.

According to the Malaysian Hair Dressing Association, the hair dressing business is estimated to be worth RM10 billion. It is a dynamic industry with many employment opportunities. A good hair stylist is regarded as a valuable asset.

L’Oreal Malaysia’s managing director Malek Bekdache says the programme was founded in 2009 with two simple beliefs: That education is the freedom to choose and build one’s own future, and, that the beauty profession positively impacts motivation and self-confidence.


The first group of trainees, made up of 12 students, began their six months’ training on June 20.

These students are among the Beauty For A Better Life community comprising 2,700 beneficiaries trained last year in more than 20 countries, from Latin America to Asia, and from Europe to the Middle East.

“The skills training programme empowers women by building capabilities in them and enabling them to be independent, in addition to improving the lives of their families and communities,” says Omna Sreeni-Ong, honorary secretary general of NCWO.

June Yeoh, chairwoman of YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre says L’Oreal Malaysia has also renovated and furnished a new hairdressing studio and has provided additional training to enhance its curriculum.

“This can ensure that they achieve a level of professionalism needed to secure good jobs when they complete their course.

“This is just the beginning. The programme aims to train 300 in the next five years. Our vision is to change the lives of these young women by offering the best quality professional beauty course. We don’t stop at providing these girls with an education, we want to help them gain employment in the beauty industry,” says L’Oreal Malaysia corporate communications director Jean Loh.

Original Article:
Original Author: Sushma Veera
Publication: News Straits Times Online

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