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CosmoNail Cup - the 5th ASEAN largest international nail, lash and embroidery competition returns with a flash of new introduction of INCA (International Nail Competition Association) certificates which recognise contestants with a higher qualification in 6 categories among all. Announcing new categories in Embroidery & Lash Competition.

INCA is established among 6 countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

CosmoNail Cup 5th edition will be at a larger scale, held for 2 consecutive days from 18 till 19 July at Main Stage, Level 4, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur!

DAY 1 – CosmoNail Cup & INCA World Nail Championship (18th July 2017)

DAY 2 – CosmoNail Cup Eyelash & Embroidery International Competition (19th July 2017)

Witness the birth of World Champions from Nail, Embroidery and Lash Competition all at one place!

For more information, please contact Trinity Nail Team Training Centre at +603 8082 6121, WhatsApp at +6012 359 9138 (Jasmine).

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