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Cosmobeauté Indonesia provides a wide range of stage shows & activities, focusing on various sectors in the beauty industry such as Make up, Hairstyling, Aesthetics, Nail Art, and of course, Spa. Hence, Cosmobeauté Indonesia is working hand in hand with the Indonesian Spa Therapists Association (ASTI) in organizing 2 special events focused exclusively on spa:

  • • Spa Seminar – Aromatherapy & Post Natal Treatment
  • • Traditional Massage Spa Competition 2

Spa Seminar – 2015 Recap

In the last year (2015) edition of the ASTI seminar, we were presented with informative talks regarding 2 very interesting topics which were “Holistic Spa” Treatment and “Tropical Fusion Massage”. Eager in their pursuit of extending knowledge in the spa industry further, the event was attended by more than 50 spa owners and therapists nationwide. 

Spa Seminar 2016 – Aromatherapy & Post Natal Treatment

2 special guest are invited to present talks for the seminar:

  • • The Benefit of Aromatherapy in SPA Treatment by Dr. Kusumadewi Sutanto, M.Pd, Dipl.CIDESCO, Dipl.CIBTAC SPA
  • • Indonesian Post Natal Treatment by Annie Savitri, SE, Dipl.CIDESCO

Date: 13th October 2016 (Thursday)

Venue: Nuri Room 1, Lower Lobby, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Time: 10AM-12PM

For further information and registration, contact:

+62 8132 5858 005 (Tenri), or +62 8151 0155 338 (Sherly)

*Ticket Price: IDR 100.000 (ASTI Members) and IDR150.000 (Non Members)

Traditional Massage Spa Competition 2

As an organization that emphasizes spa therapists, Indonesian Spa Therapist Association (ASTI) is inspired to observe and facilitate the competency level of spa therapists in the country. Hence, the 2nd Traditional Massage Spa Competition is organized with the hope that it will become a platform for spa therapists to display their technical abilities while also serving as a reference that will bolster improvements to the performance of the spa industry in Indonesia.

Date & Venue

Interested to participate? Register now and win a total prize of IDR10.000.000 (Certificate included)!

Date: 13th October 2016

Venue: Nuri Room 1, Lower Lobby, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Time: 1PM-7PM

For further inquiries and registration, contact:

081264682425 (Santi)

081289242015 (Desi)

*Registration Fee: IDR150.000


Register Now and Join Us at The Aesthetics Seminar @ Cosmobeauté Indonesia!

To all doctors and medical practitioners of aesthetics treatment, don’t miss the chance to gain the latest information regarding the aesthetics industry, brought to you by Cosmobeauté Indonesia in collaboration with Rumah Sakit Pusat Angkatan Darat (RSPAD). Grab the chance to expand your knowledge in the industry while getting the chance to network with other professionals with the same area of expertise!

Aesthetics Treatment Offers Numerous Possibilities

Aesthetics treatment have become one of the most popular medical procedure, requested by various type of patients. Whether it be for health reasons or purely cosmetics, aesthetic treatment provides solution for various symptoms. Furthermore, due to the rapid progression and advancement on technology and innovation, aesthetics treatment now provides a vast amount of options and alternatives to patients and doctors. These options range from non-invasive procedures to surgical procedures, from simple techniques to complicated techniques that require specific sets of skill and proficiency.

Concern in Safety Issues & Side Effects 

In this modern era of science and technology that we are living today, safety concern becomes more and more significant. Moreover, with the popularity and demand of the aesthetics treatment being relatively new, safety aspects must be accentuated, providing patients a sense confidence which will lead to even more demands in the long run. Thus, doctors and practitioners of the aesthetics treatments are required to adhere to the safety requirements concerning various aesthetics treatment.

Safety of Aesthetics Treatment

With “Safety of Aesthetics Treatment” set as the theme, this year’s edition of Aesthetics Seminar @ Cosmobeauté Indonesia will feature 6 professionals, discussing the safety issues thoroughly!


1st Topic: Safety of Topical Treatment

Dr Sjarif M Wasita Atmadja, SpKK(K), FINSDV, FAADV


2nd Topic: Safety of Chemical Peeling

Dr Silvia Veronika, SpKK

3rd Topic: Safety of Botox

Dr Irma Bernadette, SpKK(K)

4th Topic: Safety of Filler

Dr Abraham Arimuko, SpKK, MARS, FINSDV, FAADV

5th Topic: Safety of Laser

Dr M Yulianto Listiawan, SpKK(K)

6th Topic: Safety of Tread Lift

Dr Lilik Norawati, SpKK, FINSDV

With positive results from previous year, on this main stage at JCC, ASEAN Hair Styling & Creative Make Competition 2016 returns with a different categories that excite and give a brand new idea to every contestant and always continue to entertain the global audiences.


  1. HAIR STYLING | Theme: Glamour Up Styling
  2. CREATIVE MAKE UP | Theme: Protecting the Endangered Wildlife

This is certainly a great opportunity and right place for you to compete each other in an international stage to experience different culture or background contestants from Southeast Asia. As assured, over 100 contestants will be competing for the champion title, in addition, winners will be getting exclusive sponsored products and cash prizes from Panasonic Beauty & Masami Shouko by Kay Collection.  

This competition will be judged fairly by a panel of experience judges from Asia so hurry up and participate now before 31st August!

*First 50 contestants from each category will be entitled a make-up set from Masami Shouko

Mark your calendar, it is on the first day of Cosmobeauté Indonesia, 13 October 2015 @ Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Indonesia.

For more information, you may contact Ms Nurty at +6221 7590 2647 / +62851 0188 3847 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Photo Source: Lemon Juice Story

With 11 years of track record, Cosmobeauté Indonesia promises to always bring new idea to fulfil the market demand focusing on traditional herbal medicine that concern on health and beauty from inner heart and body also known as Jamu to meet buyers’ expectation.

Jamu is known as Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine was originated in Java, has been focusing on making herbal medicine in traditional way for many years to all pharmaceutical products and other products in health sector that consumed by the public in both local and internationally. 

It has been widely used by the Indonesian whether in rural or urban areas and people believe it certainly bringing not just outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Indonesia, a big country that rich in natural resources and always been its abundance of plant life. It is with this bounty that Indonesia has always been able to provide for the health and beauty care to its community.

“Producers of jamu products see great opportunities abroad. Asia remains the stronghold for herbal remedies but their popularity is growing around the world, according to experts.

Indonesia, which is home to around 6,000 varieties of herbs, was still punching below its weight and remained a small player in the $50-billion herbal remedy industry, which is dominated by countries including China and India. He said the sector should focus on exporting good quality, cheap raw ingredients instead of simply ready-made products, as it mainly does now, which could increase annual earnings four fold,” said Charles Saesrang, Chairman of Jamu Entrepreneurs Association.



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