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Gangnam Medical Tour Center invites you to the K-Beauty Roadshow!


Gangnam is the medical tourism city that provides premium medical services at the highest level, where the “Gangnam Style” song of Korean Wave Pop Star PSY, which is visited by 6 million foreign tourists, is born.

With world-class medical technology, state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities, and excellent professional staff, Gangnam receives the best medical service from the most prestigious medical staff in every field, from general hospitals for severely ill patients to cosmetic and plastic surgery and dermatology.

With exceptional premium service for Gangnam, medical tourists around the world are choosing Gangnam as the best medical tourism destination. We invite you to a high quality service that you can meet only in Ganganam.

About K-beauty Premium Road Show

A premium show held in partnership with Gangnam-gu, Gangnam is well known for its highest-quality medical & beauty services, offering the best collection of K-medical & beauty products. A platform for all types of Korean medical & beauty products of excellent quality.

To find out more about the K-Beauty Premium Roadshow, visit their website here.



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